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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jan 20 16:34:36 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
January 20, 2004

Dear SW List, and Bill!
Thanks so much for this feedback, Bill. You ask good questions, which 
need to be answered and diagrammed, so I will re-think how to explain 
all this and when the new diagrams are ready, I will post them...This 
is a great help! Val ;-)


On Jan 19, 2004, at 7:08 PM, Bill Reese wrote:

> Val,
> The things you quote me on.... :-)
> I like the comparisons with spoken language dictionaries.  On Page 4 
> you talk about Sign-Syllables and also "clusters" of signs.  Are these 
> clusters the same as the syllables?  Also, in the description of the 
> Sign-Symbol-Sequence, you mention "visual unit."  Is this the complete 
> "sign", which, communicates a concept?  The second paragraph of 
> Sign-Symbol-Sequence  looked difficult to write.   Some of my 
> confusion with it seems to be from not understanding what a visual 
> unit is.   Also, some spoken languages are written right to left or 
> top to bottom or bottom to top, yet that is with the complete "word" 
> or "character" - which I'm assuming to be the same as a "sign".  
> Within each word or character, some spoken languages aren't written in 
> a linear sequence.
> Bill
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> January 18, 2004
> Dear SW List Members:
> I am happy to announce a new posting:
> SignSpelling Guidelines 2004
> This is an improved version of an older document. I posted half of it a
> few days ago, but now there are 20 pages in this new PDF document.
> Thanks to Ingvild, and others on the SignWriting List, we had a long
> discussion about SignSpellings in SignBank. I have taken Ingvild's
> advice, and have simplified the spellings so that they always look-up
> by handshape...So now I am asking for your feedback again...I hope at
> least a few of you can download the document and read it and then
> report to the List what you think...
> Bill Reese's wonderful comment about pronunciation markers is still in
> there - Thank you Bill!!
> And I have for the first time, described the difference between a
> SignSpelling (SS) and the Sign-Symbol-Sequence (SSS), which are two
> different things...
> So please download and get back to us - Many thanks for your
> feedback... Val ;-)
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