Wrist movements vs Forearm movement

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jan 23 15:48:06 UTC 2004

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January 23, 2004

Dear SW List Members:
For some reason, Adam is having trouble posting to the List, so until
we can figure out why, here is Adam's response...I am posting for him
at the moment - ha!


>> Adam Frost wrote:    I think that I understand the wrist movements
>> for the most part. From what I understand, there are four types of
>> wrist movements. There is the "rotation" of the wrist. This is
>> written with the line(s) through the arrow....

> Val wrote: Hello Everyone, and Adam... Smile...I guess it is a matter
> of terminology...I would call this movement of the forearm, not the
> wrist...smile...but terminology does not matter, just as long as we
> understand each other! Is this what you mean? Here is the sign for

>> Adam Frost wrote: Yes, it is a matter of terminology. I have always
>> had a stuggle for using the correct words. That is why SignWriting
>> had such an appeal for me; I could write in my first language and not
>> have to translate my thoughts into English. So, the way that I
>> understand it, with the correct terminology, the four "wrist"
>> movements (rotation, shaking, flex, and circles) are actually two arm
>> movements (rotation and shaking) and two wrist (flex and circles). I
>> have one question about the wrist flex. In the examples that you give
>> in Lessons, the flexs are all up-and-down or forward-and-back. Is
>> there a way to write if it is side-to-side? Adam

Val's response:
Yes! There is, Adam...but my biggest problem is preparing the
diagrams...I will post them as soon as I can...it may be a day or
two...but they will come...and thanks for your patience with the SW
List and also the terminology issue...I am glad you are writing in your
native signed language and that is all that matters!

By the way, I remember once you said you could not create GIFs on your
computer?...Can you make JPEG or PNG or PDF or DOC? If you can, then
you could write your messages in ASL in SignWriting and ask your
questions in written ASL on the List - forget all this English!

Val ;-)

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