BBC search for Deaf signing families

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Fri Jan 23 15:36:53 UTC 2004

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January 23, 2004

Dear SW List:
Perhaps some of you would be interested in this....Contact Kirsteen 
directly, if you wish to be interviewed...Val ;-)


FROM: kirsteen.knight at
SUBJECT: BBC search for Deaf signing families
DATE: January 23, 2004

Hi, I hope you don't mind me sending you this as I'm trying to spread 
this email as far out as I can within the Deaf community. Apologies if 
someone has already cross posted this to you.

I work for the BBC and they are thinking of making a programme about a 
Deaf signing family and I'm doing some early research to find people 
who might be willing to talk to me.

Here is some blurb on what I'm looking for.
Best wishes,
020 8752 6844
P.S – I’ve also attached the poster I’ve been sending out.

The BBC is making a documentary series about the diversity of family 

We hope that one of the films will be about a Deaf signing family. Many 
hearing people are unaware that there is such a thing as Deaf culture 
or the Deaf community. This hour long programme would give an 
opportunity for people to tell their family story from a Deaf 
perspective and would focus on family life and the issues that are 
important to Deaf families.

We are interested in contacting families who may be able to help us 
with our initial research and would be particularly keen to contact 
people who have experience in the following areas:

Deaf parents who have both deaf and hearing children. l. Deaf parents 
who are in the process of choosing what school to send their children 

You can contact me via email at Kirsteen.knight at or minicom on 
020 8752 6844 

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