Contacting Head before contacting Face in lookups?....

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Fri Jan 30 12:57:02 UTC 2004

Contacti with the head may be more common than contact with the face, but
I would guess that we would need to write faces, such as eyebrows and
mouths, more often than heads and contacts with head.


SignWriting List <SW-L at ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA> skriver:
>SignWriting List
>January 28, 2004
>Dear SW List and Charles....
>Regarding this issue, of whether contact with the head should come
>before contacting the center of the face in the SSS...I will experiment
>to see what would happen, in the SSS-2004....the International Movement
>Writing Alphabet (IMWA)...if the Head Category was placed before the
>Face Category. Then I will test some dictionary look-ups in SignBank,
>to see how it looks, and share this with you...
>This would still not be the same as the way you did it, Charles, but it
>might improve one thing...I have noticed that contacting the head
>happens more often than contacting the center of the face, and for that
>reason, this experiment is worth trying...So I will get back to you on
>this...Please see attached...

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