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Valerie Sutton sutton at signwriting.org
Sun Jul 11 18:33:58 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 11, 2004

Dear SignWriting Listers:
The International Movement Writing Alphabet (IMWA), SSS-2004, is a 
listing of all of the symbols in SignWriting and DanceWriting. There 
are 50 groups of symbols. I am finalizing each group of symbols, one by 

Today I posted Group 01-05: Five Fingers. It is a large group...42 
handshapes. Some are unusual, since some are used more in DanceWriting 
than SignWriting. And some of the unusual handshapes come from Irish 
Sign Language...like flat hands that have a space between the middle 
and index fingers....and also I added some variations of relaxed 
fingers forward...Ingvild...perhaps you could check to see if your need 
is solved now?...Take a look at the PDF for Five Fingers...

To download the PDF documents, or the graphics files for each group, go 
to this web page:

SSS-2004 Group Folders and PDF Documents

I am now working on Group 01-06: Baby Finger (hands that relate to the 
baby finger in some way)...

This is slow work. I have been cleaning up inconsistencies in the 
rotations. It is good that I am doing that, but it means re-numbering 
thousands of symbols...some can be re-numbered quickly with specialized 
software, but others have to be re-numbered manually, since there is no 
consistent pattern...and then these new numbers have to be re-entered 
into the SymbolBank database...smile...

I pray this work will benefit the world...A consistent symbolset should 
lead to better software ...and better software may lead to increased 
sign language literacy...

I hope someone will answer this message, so I can see if the List is 

Val ;-) 

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