[sw-l] IMWA Hands Group 01-06 Baby Finger Posted on web...

Valerie Sutton sutton at signwriting.org
Wed Jul 21 05:12:51 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 20, 2004

Dear SW List Members:
I am posting the International Movement Writing Alphabet (IMWA) group 
by group, on the web. Go to this web page:

IMWA Groups

I have just posted Group 01-06: Baby Finger

There are several sub-groups under this category, including...

Index, Middle Ring (6 handshape)
Baby Finger Down
Baby Finger Up (I handshape)
Baby Thumb (Y handshape)
Baby Index Thumb (I Love You handshape)
Baby Index (snobbish handshape in ASL)

I am posting a PDF document to read, and the GIFs in folders...

Val ;-)

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