[sw-l] ASL Mouth Movements 1 of 2 (Modified by Valerie Sutton)

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Tue Jul 20 14:30:31 UTC 2004

The information in the [] is the "gloss" that I have seen for that 
particular facial expression. On the subject of facial expressions, I 
know that Keith Cagle has a workshop called "The Thousand Faces of ASL" 
where he discusses this whole issue for ASL in detail.  I hope to get a 
copy of that workshop and do some analysis. I think this could be one 
way to convince hearing linguists of the value of SW.

Anyway, that aside, [cs] modifies the sign it is with to indicate that 
something is very close.  It can be used with time (like RECENT) or it 
can be used with space to talk about something "just around the corner" 
or "just down the hall".



Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> SignWriting List
> July 20, 2004
> Dear SignWriting List, and Stuart and Stefan!
> Thank you for sharing your mouth movement writing, Stuart. This is what 
> Stefan did in Germany....taking our basic facial expression symbols in 
> SignWriting and trying to establish a standard as to which symbol is 
> chosen for specific mouth movements within one language...I have always 
> hoped someone would do that for ASL, but that is not my job, so I have 
> been waiting for someone who uses ASL daily, to start this kind of work...
> Is the term [cs] (see your diagram)...is that term the way that 
> linguists discuss these facial expressions? If linguists and others have 
> established what the commonly-used facial expressions are in ASL, then 
> it would make your job much easier...
> Regarding that first [cs] facial expression...I have used that facial 
> expression for the sign for RECENTLY in ASL. Would that fit?....Val ;-)
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