[sw-l] Sign Puddle: single language version of PUDL's dictionary

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Tue Jul 20 22:55:18 UTC 2004

Hi Val,

Depending on your system, understanding and luck; you can get Sign Puddle up
and running in about 1/2 hour. If everything works right, you download a
webserver and PHP, follow the configure instructions, and you're ready to
go.  However, if you run into problems you may need to trouble shoot your
system.  Be aware that you may need to read detailed instructions, move
files around, and edit text files.

Step One - Webserver with PHP
The first thing that you need is a webserver configured to use the PHP 4
programming language.  I suggest the Apache webserver.  You can also use
PWS - Personal Web Server from Microsoft.

You can download the Apache and PHP packages for free from their respective
sites.  PHP includes detailed instructions on how to work with Apache.
www.apache.org and www.php.net

If you are running Mac OS X, you should have Apache installed.  Configuring
PHP is explained at http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php/

If you have any problems you can do a web search on "install configure php

Once you have a webserver working with PHP, you are ready to run the Sign
Puddle code.

Step Two - The Sign Puddle code
The Sign Puddle code is only 28k.  This code can work without downloading
the dictionary images or the sss images.

Copy and paste the Sign Puddle code into the webserver document root (Ex:

You will need to update the third line of code in the "global.php" file.
The line in the code will be...
$dict = "/usr/www/users/slevin/oculog/puddle/dict";

If you are installing on Windows, you may need to change the line to
something like:
$dict = "c:\Program files\apache\htdocs\puddle\dict";

And that's it.  Start the webserver and point a browser to

Step Three - Creating sign with point and click
If you want to be able to use Sign Puddle to create signs you will need to
install a directory containing SSS image gif files.

You can download SSS-US and copy into the puddle folder.  Unzip the file.
Delete the puddle\sss folder.  Rename puddle\SSS-US to puddle\sss.

You can also use any other SSS as long as the images are set as transparent.

Step Four - Pasting a dictionary
You can start with an empty dictionary.  You can paste a dictionary
directly.  Download the ASL dictionary and copy into the puddle\dict folder.
Unzip the file.  Delete the puddle\dict\sl folder.  Rename puddle\dict\asl
to puddle\dict\sl.

That's about it.  If you're up to the challenge, go for it.  If you have any
problems let me know.

Good luck,

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SignWriting List
July 20, 2004

> Stephen Slevinski wrote:
>> The PHP 4 code is available for download at http://www.oculog.net....

Hello Everyone and Stephen!
I have now downloaded the source code that Stephen placed on the web
for us....Then I unzipped all the files, and here is a graphic of what
I now have on my desktop. You can see there are three folders:

1. asl (signs written in SignWriting)
2. puddle (source code)
3. SSS-US (SignWriting symbols)

So now, let me guess, Stephen. Do I move the SSS-US folder contents
into the folder you have in the puddle folder called sss?  Give me
instructions as to what I should do next?...smile....Val ;-)

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