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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jul 22 17:23:38 UTC 2004

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July 22, 2004

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> It took me several hours !!!  to make the animation run without
> mistakes - I
> almost got crazy - until I measured gif by gif of all the 96 series
> and find
> out that some of them are 36 x 37 ;-(( instead of 36 x36 )

Hello Everyone and Stefan!
Thank you for this message, Stefan, and for your excellent animation of
all the rotations and flops for one symbol. I am sorry about the
inconsistency you mention above. That was a mistake, of course, but I
will not be able to fix some of those problems until after all the GIFs
for the entire IMWA are posted. There will be small cleanup issues, I
am sure, when I am all done...By the way, not only am I posting the
GIFs and PDFs, but when I am done, we will have the entire IMWA inside
SymbolBank, in SignBank, to be used by researchers to sort dictionaries
by the IMWA. That will be called SignBank For Research Use.

Plus we will have an updated and searchable online database to search
for symbols right on the web. I cannot update that database until I am
finished with all the GIFs unfortunately. So when I am preparing each
group of symbols, I am not just creating the GIFs and PDFS. I am also
entering each GIF one by one, into SymbolBank, which is also time
consuming, but necessary for our future work together.

I have just posted the PDF for Group 01-07, Ring Finger, on these two
web pages:

PDF Archive

SymbolBank Groups

I do not have the GIFs up for Group 01-01 or 01-07 yet...but they will
be there sooner or later!

Val ;-)

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