[sw-l] PUDL site moving to SignBank.org in the future...

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Sun Jul 25 18:13:27 UTC 2004

Pastor Ron and Judy Dettloff,

I'm happy you have enjoyed using PUDL.  Rest assured that you can keep
adding signs to the dictionary without loosing any work.  When PUDL moves to
SignBank, the most current version of the dictionary will be moved over.

Going forward, you can use the same features on SignBank when PUDL moves;
and we all know that Val isn't going to leave SignWriting, so the PUDL
dictionary will be more secure than every.

You have even more options.  You can download Sign Puddle along with the
most current version of the ASL dictionary and continue to use the tools on
your PC offline.  You could also add Sign Puddle to your website and
concentrate on a Bible centric ASL dictionary.

The major reason for this change is to ensure that the dictionary tools I
have built are available to the users and community.  I really appreciate
the encouragement and support from everyone.  This is my way to pay everyone

The other reason for PUDL closing is that I have failed to establish any
type of organization around the idea of PUDL.  I have spread the awareness
of SignWriting, but I have been working alone for the majority of the time.
I am hearing and the name PUDL is misleading.

I have a new site that may or may not stay open.  www.oculog.net  I hope to
build a better dictionary that can use SignWriter documents and SWML.  I
hope to expand the create signs online tool to support sign typing along
with point and click.   We'll see what happens.


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