[sw-l] big scary blocks of HTML code

Mon Jul 26 17:56:39 UTC 2004

hi everyone,

actually, all I ever get from graphics on this list, since we switched list-serves, is big scary
blocks of HTML code.  (and I frequently get even regular messages repeated with the words
stuck inside big long lists of HTML code.)  I think my e-mail can't be converted to read that, and
I get this list as digest because otherwise it's so many messages.  On the old list serve, I could
click on the graphics on the list at the beginning of each digest and see them.  So, I could
probably solve this in part by going off digest - but if anyone does have some time and knows
how to  make this digest work like the old digest, it would be nice.  But I know everyone has a
lot of other projects going on.


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