How do I make new signs?

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Mar 1 00:40:32 UTC 2004

Hi, Stephen! I use SW Java as well. With SW Java, there is currently no
export feature like there is for SW DOS. Typically, I use spaces with
"type words" to get the signs lined up away from the edges of the SW
Java screen.  Then I use the print screen feature to capture the image,
or on Mac OS X, the Grab utility.  Then, I use a graphics program to
isolate the sign or sign(s) I wish to work with in one graphic image.

In SW DOS, there is the capability to print to postscript which is
helpful in conjunction with Ghostscript or Acrobat to create a longer
document in PDF format. The "look" is not as nice as SW Java, but that
is where the technology is at the moment.

I'm sure we will see improved features as Daniel Noelpp and others work
on the updated SW Java program.



On Feb 29, 2004, at 5:30 PM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi,
> This is Stephen Slevinski.  I'm new to the list.
> I have created a SignWriting and literacy website up.  Specifically,
> I'm
> trying to promote the SignWriting Playing Cards.  If you have a
> printer, you
> can print your own deck.
> My website is very basic.  I have a dictionary I'm trying to build.
> But,
> I'm running XP and can only get SignWriting Java to work on my
> computer.  So
> I have a newbie question because I am getting lost on the website and
> don't
> know where to go.
> How do I make new signs?
> Is there software that will help me?
> Do I just copy and paste in a graphics program?
> I need to store the pictures as .gif images.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Slevinski

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