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Wed Mar 3 16:12:06 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 3, 2004

Dear SW List, Wayne, Kostas and Greek Sign Language users!
Thank you for finding Greek Fingerspelling charts...I think we need 
them, since I see differences between the writing in SignWriting, and 
the pictures in the it would be good to have a chart that we 
can post on the web, to show different ways of writing Greek 
fingerspelling...I will write to the contacts you have given us, plus 
if you have a chart we can use on the web, I will accept...;-)

Meanwhile, may I ask, are there Deaf people using SignWriitng in 
Greece? If so, perhaps some of them could help us? We need the sign for 
"GREECE" in Greek Sign Language, as well as feedback on the writing of 
Greek Fingerspelling - Many thanks!!

Val ;-)


On Mar 2, 2004, at 3:26 PM, Wayne Smith wrote:

> Val -
>      I sent the bottom part of the Greek fingerspelling poster to 
> Kostas and
> he's translated it below.  Hopefully you can get a good copy and 
> permission
> to post directly from them.
>        - Wayne
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> Hey, a really long name!
> The title of the organisation is "Pedagogical Institute" its web site 
> is
> and it is the official Counceling Body of the Greek Ministry 
> of
> Education.
> The title of the project is "Signs in Eucation", the Greek word NOHMA 
> here
> has
> a double meaning -sign and meaning-.
> The project was supported by European Union and it was part of a 
> greater
> project funded by European Structural Funds, having as a general aim 
> the
> modernization of the Greek Educational System.
> Kostas
> "
>> Kostas
>>      Well, here's the scanned name of the organization, taken from the
>> bottom of the poster.  Thanks!
>>      - Wayne
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>> Subject: Re: Greek Fingerspelling Posted
>>  ÿÿ}3   ÿÿZ  02  óS1  2004 05:32,  Ñ X  Wayne Smith  DUQSW :
>> Dear Val and Wayne we would be happy to help you with the name of the
>> organisation you are looking for. Futrher we can provide a Greek 
>> Finger
>> Spelling chart if you like.
>> Kostas
>>> Val -
>>>      Well, yes and no.  I have the poster right here, but I'll need 
>>> to
>>> get out a Greek-English dictionary to find out the name of the
>>> organization that made it.  (I'll try to get to it soon.  I've got a
> full
>>> day tomorrow, and it's late now.)
>>>       - Wayne
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>>> Subject: Re: Greek Fingerspelling Posted
>>> SignWriting List
>>> March 1, 2004
>>> Wayne Smith wrote:
>>>> I picked up this poster in Athens in 2000. I would say that Greek
>>>> fingerspelling DOES follow the standard Greek alphabetic order. 
>>>> (This
>>>> was scanned. You'll have to put the left side and right side
>>>> together.)
>>> Hello Everyone, and Wayne!
>>> Thank you for the Greek Fingerspelling chart - I needed one of those
>>> before and that is really helpful. Your scan of the chart cut off a
>>> portion of the copyright in the bottom left corner? I would like to 
>>> get
>>> permission to place it on the web near the SignWriting symbols, so
>>> people could compare. That would be a great teaching tool...Do you 
>>> know
>>> whom I should contact for permission? Val ;-)

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