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Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod girodmarc at VTX.CH
Thu Mar 4 20:15:15 UTC 2004


I think the best thing would be to start with swiss german sign 
language because there are already tons of sign written with SW by 
Penny, Siv and the Gs-Media team...
Siv is also interested into creating a signbank ...  so why not start 
with that... plus I have to say I only wrote down a very few signs with 
SW Dos... for now... and still don't know how to do everything.... 
(still lots to learn) Siv wrote down for us most of the examples in LSF 
(swiss french LSF).... for our workshop..... as you remember... I 
tranlated your SW course from english into french... and Siv did all 
the work to type down our SW LSF example for us!!!

I don't know if she (siv)wants to start a signbank dictionnary (swiss 
germen SL) right now....
There's nothing urgent about swiss french LSF right now and there's no 
need to do it before our workshop!! please relax a bit and don't feel 
obliged to work week-end long for that!!! Take care of you and of your 

Thanks for the proposal anyway... I'd love to do that... but need some 
help from Siv with the LSF typing SW... I think the best thing would be 
starting with the swiss german version... and then I can easily spend 
time with Siv in order to develop more swiss french examples and send 
you that to start a swiss french version...

(sorry if my english is not clear...)

I let Siv contact you about the Swiss german version... and contact you 

Thanks again!!!

Take care


Le 4 mars 04, à 05:09, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> March 3, 2004
> On Mar 3, 2004, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod, from Switzerland, wrote:
>> Valerie...I worked the whole day today with Siv and Viviane... to 
>> prepare our fisrt french-swiss SW workshop for next week... and we 
>> talked about.... how we should manage to use signbank (for swiss 
>> LSf... and also for the swiss german sign language...)..... Could you 
>> just tell me where I'm supposed to look on the web to find the 
>> instruction about how to create a "new" signbank dictionnary... for 
>> swiss french LSF....I'd also like to know if there's a way to copy 
>> signs out of the ASL Signbank to create a swiss LSF Signbamk (as I 
>> noticed there are a lot of similar signs between ASL and the LSf used 
>> here!....I know there was alrdeay such a discussison on the web a few 
>> month ago.... just let me know where I'm supposed to look at and I'll 
>> try to do it!....Give you some news once we've finished the 
>> workshop... to tell you how it went!....Take care....Anny
> ---------
> Dear SW List, and Anne-Claude, Siv and Viviane!
> Congratulations on your first French-Swiss SignWriting workshop...I 
> will be happy to help you start your French-Swiss SignBank 
> database...Let me explain....
> Last weekend, I worked with Ingvild Roald in Norway, on the first 
> Norwegian SignBank database. Ingvild sent me a few Norwegian signs. I 
> added the Norwegian signs into SignBank. I then posted the new 
> Norwegian SignBank files on the web, for Ingvild to download. And now 
> Ingvild has the big task of creating a Norwegian database. My job was 
> just to get it "started"....
> I will be happy to do the same, this weekend, for your new 
> French-Swiss SignBank. How does this sound to you?...
> 1. Send me 5 to 20 French-Swiss signs, typed in SignWriting. You can 
> send the signs in .SGN format, typed in SignWriter DOS or Java, or you 
> can send them as GIFs, or PNGs or JPGs...or even in a PDF file or a 
> Word file. Be sure to place the French words near each sign.
> 2. Then I will add the signs into a new SignBank file. While I am 
> adding the signs, I will share with the SW List, step by step, how I 
> do the work, so you will all be getting instruction, while I am 
> creating the French-Swiss file.
> 3. Since you tell me that there are a lot of ASL signs that are 
> similar to signs in your country, I will add the French-Swiss signs 
> into a copy of the ASL database. Then you can change or delete any of 
> the ASL signs later.
> 4. Then I will post the new French-Swiss SignBank on the web for you 
> to download. If you send me your signs soon, we can do this by the 
> time of your workshop..I will need two days to do the work...I can 
> devote Saturday and Sunday to it.
> Do you want to do this, Anne-Claude? I will wait to hear from you -
> And other countries...I will be happy to do this for you too, but not 
> this weekend...This weekend is reserved for French- Switzerland!
> Val ;-)

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