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Hey Jerry,

The Jack (11), Queen (12), and King (13) are incorrect.  The Ace is the
letter O.  You can view all of the card signs at

But if you are confused about a graphic, place the the mouse on graphic and
leave it there for a second.  The name of the card will appear over the

-Stephen Slevinski

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  Dear Valerie and List,

  I did print the cards, and do appreciate the effort  and artistry involved
in making them.  I looked the online games over, and they appear to be
well-crafted.  I am somewhat confused as to the exact meanings of some of
the numbers.  I am unsure about how to read a hand with three fingers held
up in an order that doesn't look to me like any numbers I learned to
fingerspell.  I'm sure the signs are accurate, just that I can't add them,
because I can't read them.  I am admitting to illiteracy here.  I don't know
if a short finger is a thumb or what.  As there is no printed gloss, you
have left me in the dust, just guessing...

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