Need sign for PORTUGAL

Wayne Smith wayne at MRLANGUAGE.COM
Sun Mar 7 01:53:40 UTC 2004

Val -
     As far as I know, and this needs to be verified, it consists of the
(right or left) index finger, extended (i.e. the "one" handshape), beginning
with contact in the middle of the forehead, and then tracing a line straight
down the front of the face, in contact with the nose, lips, chin, etc. until
it stops at a point under the chin.  What this sign is is a tracing of the
silhouette shape of the western edge of Portugal which faces the Atlantic.
Lisbon is located at approximately where the "nose" on the western part of
the country is located.  Having Portuguese ancestry myself (my
great-great-great-grandfather was Francisco Manoel Gaspar from the Azores) I
took a special interest in this sign, so I believe it is right.
     Sorry about the long-winded description, but I've been away from SW for
quite a while now.  Hope to get back into in in earnest in May as I
anticipate spending a full month with my research associate doing nothing
but putting together a dictionary of Taiwan Sign Language (in SW, Mandarin,
and English).

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> March 6, 2004
> Dear SW List:
> I am working on web design, and I need the sign for PORTUGAL...Does
> anyone know the sign they use in Portugal?
> Val ;-)

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