Imrpoved Search for PUDL's Open Dictionary

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Wed Mar 10 08:00:12 UTC 2004

That was interesting.  For some reason the your.gif was corrupted and became
an animated gif.  I fixed it.


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I tested the search a bit and got a weird result on one of them.
I typed in "you" and got a choice of "you" and "your."  I picked "you"
and it showed me the SW for "you" and the choices for "you" and "your"
were still given so I chose "your" next.  In the SW display box, a sign
appeared that was not "yours" and then another sign appeared, and
another and another.  I think it went through all the signs in your
database in about 30 seconds.


Stephen Slevinski wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have improved the searching on PUDL's Open Dictionary.  You can search
>signs that start with or contain specific characters.
>The searching is case sensitive.
>So signs that start with "A"
>are different than signs that start with "a"
>I have also included versions in the display, so if you pull up the sign
>"help", you will see all 33 versions.
>The dictionary will also display the definition and source for any sign
>has that information entered.  Currently none of the signs have either.
>-Stephen Slevinski
>PS - LF has the high score for Black Jack Run: 35 points in 35 seconds.
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