Imrpoved Search for PUDL's Open Dictionary

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Wed Mar 10 15:22:04 UTC 2004

Hi Val,

I have changed the search page so that it displays the entire dictionary
when the page is first loaded.  I think this may clear up the confusion.

I have also added credit to SignWriter Java and SignBank for the existing
signs.  I was able to link to SW Java and SignBank in the source field.
Works well I think.

Three signs have been added to the dictionary by other people.
2 from the Deaf Pagan Network: witch and Goddess.

1 from "Porto Alegre, Rio Grande de Sul, Associacao Surdo de Pelotas":
mundo.  However, I will probably delete mundo.  It's great that someone is
willing to add to the dictionary.  But this is an ASL only dictionary.

I think I will need to set up some type of voting system for people to
comment on new and existing signs.

-Stephen Slevinski

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