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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Mar 10 16:07:43 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 10, 2004

Dear SW List...
SignWriting is quite international. Everyday there seems to be a new
project somewhere in the world, and I am sure that we are not aware of
many of them...So I bet there are more than three SignWriting Online
Dictionaries on the web! If someone knows of others, please tell us....

Below are links to three SignWriting Online Dictionaries that I know
about...Each has a different focus...

1. PUDL: American Sign Language Online Dictionary


2. Online Dictionaries from Belgium
I don't know how long these large dictionaries will be available to us,
but they are excellent. I know people who access them regularly...The
ASL dictionary has 3,100 signs...and the Flemish dictionary, around
6000 signs...

About the Belgian Project

ASL dictionary on the web...

Flemish Sign Language Dictionary on the web...


Online Dictionaries for Different Countries

I am starting with 6 country dictionaries:
Brazil, Germany, Norway, Spain, Swiss-German and USA...

If you visit, you will see the countries are still under
construction...I will be putting just a few signs from each country
into the online dictionary, and then I will write to people in those
countries to help me test it...then I will build an international
database over time...

Val ;-)

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