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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Mar 12 17:43:47 UTC 2004

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March 12, 2004

Stephen wrote:
> Has anyone tried the Build utility with the dictionary?  I like to 
> think of it as a simple SignWriter Online.  It ª± really easy to use.  
> You can either type in text directly in the build section, or you can 
> search for a sign, view it, and  press the add button. 

Hello Everyone, and Stephen!
I have now tested your "build a sentence" section of your web site, and 
it is amazing! I tried the signs for GIRL and ME, adding them on your 
Build page, and then pressed the button for BUILD, and the two signs 
became one graphic...Very well done! And now I can access this web page 
anytime to view the GIRL-ME graphic I!

Val's GIRL-ME on PUDL Site

One point....this may not be important to your site...but if I were 
using SignWriter Java to type the phrase GIRL ME, I probably would put 
a slight pause between the two signs...that is equivalent to a comma in 
English, but we don't write a comma, we write a special symbol that 
represents a Pause...and those symbols are a part of the 
typing-experience, when using SignWriter Java or SignWriter DOS...(see 
attached diagram)...the Punctuation symbols are located on the Z Key on 
the SignWriter sign keyboard...

But maybe adding punctuation symbols becomes too much for your 
Building-An-ASL-Sentence feature on PUDL? way to do it would be 
to add the punctuation symbols as dictionary entries, so the person 
could choose the pause, if they wanted it...just a thought... No matter 
what, the Build section is great...Val ;-)

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