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March 16, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> I changed the web site to say "Translate" rather than "Build".  Hope
> you
> read this before the conference call.

Dear SW List, Stephen, Mohamed, Wayne - Everyone!
I have glanced at your messages this morning. Thank you for them...I am
preparing lessons for teaching this afternoon on a conference call to
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I quickly want to share with you what is
happening here in my

1. Thank you, Stephen, for changing the feature Build, to Translate.
That is much clearer! I will try to share this with the teachers this
afternoon, but you never know...each one is on their own computer on a
network, and not everyone knows computers well, so it takes time, along
with interpreters explaining what I am saying, and of course, the Deaf
participants cannot watch sign language and work simultaneously on
their computers, so we have to take it slowly..making sure everyone is
getting all the information...but we are doing this once a month now,
so if not today, then next month, we will visit your site...I will tell
you what happened later tonight...

2. Teaching by telephone is really working, and if there are others who
want to learn SignWriting with me over the telephone, it can be

3. The three SignWriting Online Dictionaries (PUDL, Belgium and
SignBank) are all helping each other, and they provide different
services...Let me share with you what I am doing with the SignBank
Online Dictionary. I am providing a way to search for a sign, and then
find full sentences and even documents that use that sign...Let me show
you three email diagrams....the first is below. If you go to and click on the American flag, it will take
you to this search screen. Type in the word BIRTHDAY, and then press
the Search button...

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