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March 18, 2004

Dear SW List and Stephen!
You are keeping me was working on the Punctuation,
because there are more symbols, but now I am trying to get the SSS-US
symbolset on the web for you...and it is taking a little longer than

Anyway, in regards to this:

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> So you translate this sentence.
> Hello, my name (insert name here).  What your name?  Me need know!
> The link is below, but you need to copy and paste the whole thing for
> this
> to work.  The list server chops it up.
> asl=Hello,%20my%20name%20(insert
> %20name%20here).%20%20What%20your%20name?%20%20Me%20need%20know!
> &setDict=asl

Thank you, for this. So here is my feedback part one ;-))

If I just click on the above link, I do not get the signs...Please see
the attached diagram showing what I I have no clue as to why
the signs themselves do not appear...They do appear if you put in the
English words as you suggest above...Thanks for being so
creative...Sorry if I do not understand how to handle the link above...

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