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March 18, 2004

On Mar 18, 2004, at 12:35 PM, Bill Reese wrote:
> You know me - I'm late-deaf and have only been using sign language for 
> about 7 or so years - yet I had no problem following the flow of the 
> signs on PUDL's site.  The horizontal space didn't bother me and, 
> while the vertical looked like it could be improved, I didn't have a 
> problem with signs blending together. Bill


Hello Everyone, and Stephen and Bill -
Thanks for this comment, Bill, and certainly it is good for Stephen to 
know this. And I am glad you are reading SignWriting and have no 
trouble with it!

However, I know of six others who disagree with 5 
teachers of the Deaf in Albuquerque, and myself.... One of the teachers 
is Deaf herself, and I understood through an interpreter in the last 
workshop that they all felt there needed to be more space between the 

I think teaching SignWriting to children, and reading SignWriting 
yourself, are probably two different experiences...Let us imagine you 
are using the Translation web page in a class of deaf children ages 
6-8, and they see two contact stars touching the chin of the first sign 
in this diagram ...The stars really belong with the sign for NAME 
below, but I can imagine a child asking what is touching the chin of 
the sign for HELLO? So to assist literacy, I think it is 
wise to put more space.......Val ;-)

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