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Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Fri Mar 19 12:57:12 UTC 2004

That's neat Stephen!
I played with it a bit - just selecting a few symbols at random and
moving them around.  It worked!  Great job!  I was wondering if you
could make moving easier by returning to the previous setup, like what
happens when you push the back button in a browser and inserting again,
but this time with the picture of the first location shown for
reference.  Then, when the new location is selected, the first location
is "erased" and the new location placed.

I went to the translater afterwards and noticed that if I typed the word
"I" as in "I am who I am", the translator doesn't give me the word "I",
it gives me the letter "i".  I tried adding a sign to the dictionary
which is the same as "me".  It showed up as "I.gif" in the dictionary.
I also was unsure what the ASL Definition was asking for and just typed
the word "I".  Clicking on "I.gif" in the  dictionary didn't show the
file I had uploaded.


Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hey All,
> I wanted an easy way to create new signs online and load them into
> PUDL's dictionary. So I made a new utility.
> It is not built for speed, but it works.  You can try it if you like:
> <>
> Here's some simple directions.
> 1) Select a Category and Group from the drop down list.
> 2) Press Display
> 3) Click on a symbol
> 4) Click on a variation
> 5) Click on the image canvas (top left square) where the middle of the
> symbol should be placed
> Repeate these steps to add more symbols.
> After you add a symbol, you can move the symbol by adjusting the XY
> coordinates.
> Once the signs looks right you can load the sign into the dictionary
> by pressing Add Sign to Dictionary.
> -Stephen Slevinski
> <>

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