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Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Fri Mar 19 17:05:20 UTC 2004

Hey Bill,

I was thinking of making is possible to reposition the symbols with another
mouse click. We'll see what happens.

I removed the I.gif file.  The name of the sign should have been just "I".
Then the sign would have been uploaded and named "I_2".  The definition can
be used to specify where the sign is used or it's definition.  I hope the
dictionary will become large enough to allow circular definitions of the

The letter i has priority for the sign name I because of spelling.  If you
want to translate "I am who I am", you should use "Me am who me am."  If you
want to try and upload a new version of "I", it will be named "I_2" so the
translation would need to be "I_2 am who I_2 am".

-Stephen Slevinski
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  That's neat Stephen!
  I played with it a bit - just selecting a few symbols at random and moving
them around.  H  It worked!  H  Great job!  H  I was wondering if you could make
moving easier by returning to the previous setup, like what happens when you
push the back button in a browser and inserting again, but this time with
the picture of the first location shown for reference.  H  Then, when the new
location is selected, the first location is "erased" and the new location

H   I went to the translater afterwards and noticed that if I typed the word
"I" as in "I am who I am", the translator doesn't give me the word "I", it
gives me the letter "i".  H  I tried adding a sign to the dictionary which is
the same as "me".  H  It showed up as "I.gif" in the dictionary.  H  I also was
unsure what the ASL Definition was asking for and just typed the word "I".
hë licking on "I.gif" in the  H  dictionary didn't show the file I had uploaded.


  Stephen Slevinski wrote:

    Hey All,
     H  /div>
    I wanted an easy way to create new signs online and load them into
PUDL's dictionary. So I made a new utility.
     H  /div>
    It is not built for speed, but it works.  H  You can try it if you like:
     H  /div>
    Here's some simple directions.
    1) Select a Category and Group from the drop down list.
    2) Press Display
    3) Click on a symbol
    4) Click on a variation
    5) Click on the image canvas (top left square) - ÷  here the middle of the
symbol should be placed
     H  /div>
    Repeate these steps to add more symbols.
     H  /div>
    After you add a symbol, you can move the symbol by adjusting the XY
     H  /div>
    Once the signs looks right you can load the sign into the dictionary by
pressing Add Sign to Dictionary.
H      H  /div>
    -Stephen Slevinski
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