Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Mon Mar 22 07:02:19 UTC 2004

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the feedback.  Actually, I'm moving too fast for myself.  I have
so much explanation and organization to finish... argh!  I have created a
framework, without the in-depth features.  The sign definitions being one

Your comment about the signs for "what" points out the need for a voting
system.  I am not qualified to make the final determination; however, I am
currently the only one capable of modifying the dictionary.

Sadly, I do not have much more time to update the site...  Work that pays is
begging for attention.  I plan on polishing up the site and then seeing what
happens.  I will try and design the voting system and manager functions
before I move on to the next project.  If that doesn't work, I'll set up a
Bulletin Board system so that people can argue and discuss sign names and
orders.  I personally do not like having 33 variations for help.  They need
to be renamed: help-me, help-you, help-us, help-them, and so on.

-Stephen Slevinski

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Stephen and List,

WOW! The site is looking good. Sorry that I haven't been able to make any of
my comments. You are just moving too fast for me to respone. ;-) I have been
able to take a look at your site - finally. Looks good. I would like to help
add to your dictionary, but I just don't have the time to site and creat
signs. I do have a comment, however. You had said something about making a
defination with each sign. I did not see that, but that would be a good
idea. I have noticed that some signs are used for a english word, but not
correctly in ASL for that situation. Let me explain. The word "what" comes
up with two signs which you have labled as "what" and "what_2". "What" is a
sign in which you ask "what of this list?" Or in other words, "which item in
this list?" "What_2" is the rhetorical form of the general sign for word in
english that would go in "What is your name?" So, "what_2" is more of a
general what than "what." I hope that I have explained this so that you can
understand what I am saying. Anyways, I think that it would be good for
signs to have some kind of explaination. It might even be go to use this to
tell the different uses for these signs between ASL and SEE, if you would
like. I wouldn't mind putting my knowlege to your use to fulfil this, but it
is, of course, up to you. That is my two cents for right now. :-) Until next


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