Beginners question on movement

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Thu Mar 25 14:24:38 UTC 2004

>It is the same with Esperanto; however, people do
>not use it that much because it is not a natual

All language, not just Esperanto, is a mix of natural
and planned, with the planned elements being recent or
being distant.  If you observed Esperanto, without
being told it was Esperanto, you could not guess that
it was different from any other human language.

And writing systems are planned too.  Korean is
somewhat recent (and very beautiful) yet had planning and Sign Writing
too is planned.  But in 100 years nobody will think of
Sign Writing as natural versus artificial - it will
just be _used_ (in public signposts etc).

Don't think "is it natural", just think "does it work".

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