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March 25, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> Definition Challenge
> The third kind of challenge verifies the definition of a sign.  If the
> sign
> has not yet been defined, please add a definition.  If an incorrect
> definition exists, please correct it.

Hello Everyone, and Stephen -
I just voted for a new definition for help_3...Take a look to see if I
did it right!! ;-)

Meanwhile, in our SignBank Online Dictionary, if you go to:

Click on the American flag and then enter the sign press
Search...You will find the correct definitions, as you can see by the
attached screen capture. It is important to say "I help you." for the
help_3 definition, because the 30 or so helps in our dictionary are
showing people that we can write ...He helps you.....or They help
you....or I help you etc...They are verb-conjugations, and I hope to
have a lot more verbs specified this way in the each verb
will have many forms listed in the dictionary...

Excerpt from

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