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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Mar 26 15:34:19 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 26, 2004

Dear SW List, Stephen in Pittsburgh, and Adam!
I think the PUDL Basic Dictionary, Translation, Vertical Columns and
Create-a-Sign Features are fabulous, and I plan to make links on our
SignBank site to those features. But when it comes to voting on the
meanings and definitions of signs...I think that is not a good idea.
There are many meanings to one sign, so if someone doesn't know the
language well, and only knows one meaning, and doesn't realize there
may be dialectical differences and nuances to a sign, and they vote a
good defintion down because of ignorance...that does not help the
dictionary. So a better idea...provide several places where a person
can add their own definitions...and do not eliminate any of
them......OR...throw out the voting feature entirely...There are other
SignWriting dictionaries online too, and the one on our SignBank site
provides places for paragraphs of defintions, so give it is
true that I am the only one adding to that dictionary at the moment,
but with the help of others in other ways, that problem can be solved
later...So on the PUDL site, you could even refer them to the SignBank
Online Dictionary for more detailed word descriptions...

And Adam...if you are interested in helping write good ASL in our
different SignWriting publications, write to me privately and we can
discuss some ideas together - Your expertise is greatly appreciated....

And PUDL and the Belgian dictionaries are greatly appreciated too...I
feel I haven't devoted enough time to Belgium...please excuse my
delay...I do have some diagrams to show you shortly -

Val ;-)


On Mar 25, 2004, at 9:37 PM, Adam Frost wrote:

> Stephen and everyone,
> I tried PUDL with the voting. I was confused. Is the yes or no question
> asking if the old name should be kept? Or is it the new name? I wanted
> to
> cast my vote, but I wasn't sure what to put.
> Also, about the definitions, what form do you want them to follow, if
> any?
> ....A dictionary form that has the part of speech etc, or just
> "what-the-sign-means" definition?
> Adam
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