Voting on PUDLs dictionary

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Fri Mar 26 20:17:48 UTC 2004

Hi Adam,

I have changed the voting page.  It should make more sense now.  I hope.

And about the definitions...  The definitions can be used for many purposes.
They can describe the origins of the sign, where it is used, what the sign
means, ...

I do not know what form they should take.  However, the definitions will be
displayed in SignWriting.  Here is a suggestions that I made for help_3:
"(verb) me help you."

So before you suggest a definition, you may want to use the translation page
to verify that it looks the way that you want.

-Stephen Slevinski

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Subject: Re: Voting on PUDLs dictionary

Stephen and everyone,

I tried PUDL with the voting. I was confused. Is the yes or no question
asking if the old name should be kept? Or is it the new name? I wanted to
cast my vote, but I wasn't sure what to put.
Also, about the definitions, what form do you want them to follow, if any?
.....A dictionary form that has the part of speech etc, or just
"what-the-sign-means" definition?


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