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March 26, 2004

Nikos Grammalidis in Greece wrote:
> (if you can also point us to corresponding animated images or videos
> in the web, this would be great):

Nikos -
The lists of Facial Expressions symbols are really "generic Facial
Expressions"...that is, they are general ways to write certain
movements that happen on the face...but actually someday, certain
combinations of Facial Expressions will probably become standardized
into a set way to write certain grammatical issues in different signed
languages...One person who has done some work on standardization of
mouth movements, and some animation too, is Stefan Woehrmann, in
Germany. His MundbildSchrift has standardized the way to write the
mouth positions of German speech patterns...

Download Mundbildschrift PDF

Or write directly to Stefan

Stefan Woehrmann
stefanwoehrmann at gebaerdenschrift.de

Or visit this web page:


Take a look at this darling Deaf child reading mouth movements!

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