Names for PUDL entries

Wayne Smith wayne at MRLANGUAGE.COM
Fri Mar 26 23:25:08 UTC 2004

> Stephen wrote:
> Speaking of help, those 33 versions need to be renamed.  For help_3, I
> created a challenge to rename it to help-you.  You voted against that and
> suggested I-help-you.  But now I'm considering me-help-you.  This is not
> exact science.

     Just to throw in another suggestion, when I wrote my dissertation on
Taiwan Sign Language, I identified such "agreement verbs" with names such
as: "1-help-3", "2-help-1", "3i-help-3j", etc. for what might translate into
English as "I help him/her", "you help me", and "s/he helps him/her", etc.
The numbers refer to first person, second person, and third person.  If you
wanted to place the basic name of the verb on the left (so that they would
alphabetize better), I guess you could write: "help-1-3", "help-2-1", and
"help-3i-3j", etc.  Just a thought.
     Also, I've added two TSL signs to the PUDL dictionary.  When it
displayed what I typed in, it said something like "ASL Definition".  Two
questions: (1) How do I edit something that's already been typed in so that
I could add, for example, a definition? and (2) Why is it called "ASL
Definition"?  Wouldn't an English gloss be more useful?  For example, for
the name of one of the signs I wrote: "wo3" which is the Mandarin name for
that sign (the "3" indicates the tone).  Under definition, I'd like to put
"I" as an English language gloss so that non speakers of Chinese could use
the entries also.

      - Wayne in Maine

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