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March 28, 2004

Dear SW List, Nikos and James Shepard-Kegl in Nicaragua -
Awhile back we discussed the signs that show biting the teeth, in
Nicaraguan Sign Language. James explained that he chose to use a symbol
from the SignWriter DOS keyboard to represent biting, because there was
no symbol, and he had to find something to use, and that is fine!

However, technically there are ways to write biting and teeth movement
in our writing system, that was used before in DanceWriting back in the
1970's. it was my fault, that I did not include those symbols into the
SignWriting list of symbols, but now in the SSS-2004, they will be
included. here are some of them:

Going down in columns from left to right, starting with the left
column, the symbols are:

1. Teeth
2. Tongue on top of lower teeth.
3. Teeth on top of lower lip.
4. Biting center of lips.

second column

5. Biting teeth once
6. Upper teeth on top of tongue
7. Lower teeth touching upper lip
8. Biting lips side right.

third column

9. chewing motion
10. biting tongue - ouch!
11. chattering of teeth
12. biting lips side left

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