A Deaf perspective

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 29 01:44:14 UTC 2004

Hey all and Stephen, Bill, Daniel, James and Judy, Angus, and Dando,
This is just a question that I have been asking myself as I have been
reading the messages recently posted on the list. This is more specifically
for the seven named, but others can answer if they want to. Are you Deaf,
Hearing, Deaf later in life, etc...? The reason I am asking is because it
would help me understand what you are talking about and from what point of
view. No, I don't have anything against you if you are anything other than
Deaf. I actually commend you for wanting to learn SW and ASL (or which ever
I guess since I asked the question, I should answer too. So for those of you
who do not know, I am Deaf from birth. I was raised oral, and then learned
sign in High School when I was 14, or that is what I thought. My mother
explained to me that she had gotten in contact with my teachers of when I
was young. They had apparently taught me sign when I was very young. I was
lucky that I had sign from birth. But after the age of 6, that all stopped.
I had forgotten it all. I had a somewhat good understanding of English
before I was 14. But after I learned ASL, everything skyrocketed. My grades
in school went from C's to mostly A's. This made me very interested in
improving my ASL so that I could improve everything else. I have had many
Deaf tell me that I had to have know ASL my whole life because of the way
that I sign. When I found out that I was taught when I was young, they all
told me an I-told-you-so!
I don't know if this helps any of you that much, but it will help me if some
of you tell me about yourselves. Thanks in advance.

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