Belgium: Handshape symbols used for searching...

Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Tue Mar 30 16:35:29 UTC 2004

Hello Val, hello Steven and Bart, hello friends on the list

Val wrote:

> The symbols that people click on, to find signs, are called
> BaseSymbols. As you know, each hand symbol has 96 possible flops,
> rotations and palm facings...The BaseSymbol is the representative
> symbol from those 96. The BaseSymbols are NOT always the first symbol
> in the 96, however. Signers complained to me that if we simply use the
> first of the 96 (which we did before)...sometimes they are hard to read
> for a variety of we created some rules as to how to list
> symbols, and it appears to be working well:
> 1. The Group-BaseSymbol is the FIRST BaseSymbol in a group of
> handshapes. It is the representative symbol for the group.
> 2. The Group-BaseSymbol establishes the Group, and the BaseSymbols
> relating to that Group then follow in Sequence.
> 3. Group-BaseSymbols are always white palm facing...Viewing the palm of
> the hand.
> 4. All other BaseSymbols are viewed from the side palm facing.

I had a big AHA! That's why the representative is not always the first
symbol. This is very important. Val, thank you for this explanation.

So let me rephrase these rules. To display a base symbol, take the
symbol with rotation 01 (no rotation) and fill 02 (side palm facing),
except if the base symbol is the first one of its group; in this case
take fill 01 (white palm facing). Did I understand the rule correctly?

And a question to Val: What is the rule for other categories? For
example for arrows and faces?

Daniel Noelpp

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