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March 30, 2004

Louis-Félix Bergeron wrote:
> I would be grateful to have advices, references, articles, etc.....

Dear SW List and Louis-Félix!
To find research on SignWriting, I went to our web site....

SignWriting Web Site
http://www.SignWriting .org

At the top of the web page, there are a series of icons or buttons. 
Click on the SEARCH Button. That takes you to a Search page. If you 
search for:

Literacy Research

You will find a long listing that goes on for several pages....Here are 
some of them of the links I found...

Cecilia Flood Research Albuquerque, NM
.... Since I am just about ready to begin two sign literacy research 
projects, DAC's
SignWriting Literacy Project and my own Ph.D. graduate school 'action 
research ... - 17k - Cached - 
Similar pages

Vasquez & Sutton Abstract AERA Conference
Abstract: RESEARCH IN SIGN LANGUAGE LITERACY presented at the Impact of 
On Cognition AERA Conference April 13-14, 1998, San Diego California. 
.... - 9k - Cached - 
Similar pages

Janice Gangel-Vasquez Thesis Cal State University
Assessing ... 3. California
State University 12th Annual Student Research Competition, California 
.... - 13k - Mar 29, 2004 - 
Cached - Similar pages

SignWriting Literacy Project Sponsors
.... Research, because of an ingenious new database design called 
SignBank 2002. The brainchild
of SignWriting inventor Valerie Sutton, SignBank brings literacy to ... - 62k - Mar 29, 2004 - 
Cached - Similar pages

SignWriting List Archive Part 1
.... 33. February 18, 1998 - Help In Research Cecelia Smith. 32. February
11, 1998 - "SignWriting Literacy Project" Valerie Sutton. 31. ... - 40k - Cached - 
Similar pages

SignWriting: Read, write, type Sign Languages
.... California State University Dominguez Hills. 5. Abstract Research In
Sign Language Literacy ...Janice Gangel-Vasquez, Valerie Sutton... ... - 22k - Mar 29, 2004 
- Cached - Similar pages

Literacy Project Funding Needed
.... seven forums: the Sponsor's Forum, the Teacher's Forum, the 
Research Forum, the ... web
pages for the classrooms participating in the SignWriting Literacy 
Project. ... - 15k - Cached - 
Similar pages

Silent News, November 1999
.... The Albuquerque Public Schools SignWriting Literacy Project Letters 
& Web ... Research
Project Albuquerque Public Schools Research Project Assessing Deaf 
Children ... silentnews/sw221.html - 12k - 
Cached - Similar pages

Journal Sao Paulo State Research Foundation, English Translation
.... way hearing children think and express themselves in speech, 
literacy acquisition
in ... composed of the dictionary, professor Capovilla and his research 
team are ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

Janice Gangel-Vasquez Thesis Cal State University
.... The Sutton SignWriting System Many researchers have concluded that 
some form
of written sign language would open the door to literacy for the deaf. 
.... - 26k - Cached - 
Similar pages 

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