FOR PROGRAMMERS: BaseSymbol and Group BaseSymbol Rules

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Wed Mar 31 16:48:32 UTC 2004

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March 30, 2004

> Daniel Noelpp wrote:
>> I had a big AHA! That's why the representative is not always the first
>> symbol. This is very important. Val, thank you for this explanation.
>> So let me rephrase these rules. To display a base symbol, take the
>> symbol with rotation 01 (no rotation) and fill 02 (side palm facing),
>> except if the base symbol is the first one of its group; in this case
>> take fill 01 (white palm facing). Did I understand the rule correctly?
>> And a question to Val: What is the rule for other categories? For
>> example for arrows and faces?


Dear SW List, Daniel, Steven and Everyone!
Thank you for this excellent questions. I am now going to try to answer
with several diagrams...This is for programmers...


1. The Group BaseSymbol is always the FIRST BaseSymbol within the
group. It is the "representative" BaseSymbol for all the others in the

2. FOR HANDS: The Group BaseSymbol for the hands, is always the FIRST
palm facing and rotation within that symbol. It is always a white palm.
Please see attached diagram, taken from the SignBank Editor Program:

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