Physics and Mathematics signs

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Tue May 11 10:39:23 UTC 2004

Hi Adam,

I would be very intersted in doing this. In fact, I am working on that
sort of project from time to time right now. Of course this would be
different for the different signed languages, but quite a few things could
be international or almost international. I take it you do have access to
the volume on technical signs for these subjects from NTID, but there are
far from enough. As I explained in my paper on the SW site, on
'Terminology in the making', the ASL way of creating signs is often not
acceptable in our NSL setting. But it still gives ideas to work from.  -
Signs should be negoriated between signers who know the concept and the
subject it relates to, as far as that is possible.


SignWriting List <SW-L at ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA> writes:
>Hey all,
>It is interesting that this topic came up a little. I am actually a math
>major, so I have to come up with several signs in math. Ingvild is right
>about that it would be preferrable to us other's sign if it is different.
>would be very interested what signs are being used. Maybe we can compile a
>math related signbook. What do you think? (I know that I shouldn't suggest
>that since that would mean more work for me as well, haha, but why not?)
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