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May 12, 2004

Early Years in Denmark
1974 - 1978

Some of the highlights of that time period...

Fall, 1974 - Fall, 1976
Examples of Notation of Danish Deaf Sign Language
As you can see by the example below, a stick figure drawing, with
shoulders, arms and hands recorded movement from left to right on the
page, position by position. The sentence below says "It is father." It
is facing the reader, in the Receptive View, as if you are watching a
The number 2 meant the Index Finger...It really wasn't necessary but at
the time I was worried people would not read which finger it was
without the number... The hollow dot means that the whole arm was
extended towards the reader...Receptive writing continued until
1986...ten years later, Deaf people using SignWriting in the US voted
to write in the Expressive the writing system improved with
use...but in the 1970's it was too new for us to know...Val ;-)

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