From Adam Frost

Deaf Action Committee dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon May 17 06:23:04 UTC 2004

Charles and List.

Generally, there is no difference between the W & 6 and the F & 9
because they are so close, and the difference can be know easily by
context. Most Deaf people won't sign so 'picky' because they feel that
ASL is not a language that truely uses fingerspelling; it is something
to "bridge with the hearing." (I don't mean to put that as an offense
to anyone. That is just how most Deaf feel.) This is why many of the
long-practiced certified interpreters you have asked may not know there
is a difference. To get the information that I received on this issue,
I had asked Cindy Herbst, the head of the Modern Language Department at
Pierce College. (Val, you might know her.) Cindy is CODA and a long
time certified interpreter with high honors. She is one of the few
people that have actually corrected my ASL. Plus, she is the only one
that is not Deaf that has done that. SMILE (This is after I learned ASL
from my Deaf teacher, of course.) If you want any documentations on the
difference, I will ask her if she has any.


PS Val, thanks for posting that last message for me. Hopefully this one
goes through. *crossed-fingers* ;-)

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