Lisbon participants....Please take photos !! ;-))

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue May 25 02:13:20 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
May 24, 2004

Dear SW List Members, and all those attending the Lisbon Conference on
May 30th....

I know some of you are preparing to travel to Lisbon already...

May I ask a favor? Please take some photos of the presentations, and
the posters, and maybe a photo with all participants would be fun
too... (grin ;-)

For those of us who cannot attend, this will be our way of "being
there" with you...

When you come home, I hope some of you will write messages to the List,
reporting to us what happened, and share some of the pictures -

Have a wonderful time in Portugal!...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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