Report from the Lisbon conference, :-)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue May 25 18:41:34 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
May 25, 2004

Dear SW List, and Antonio Carlos!

Thank you for a report from Lisbon already ;-)

For those members on the SignWriting List who may not realize...The
workshop on sign language representation and processing is a one-day
post-conference workshop on Sunday, May 30 in Lisbon. But right now, in
Lisbon, there is a bigger conference running from today until Friday.
It is the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and
Evaluation (LREC 2004). You can read more about this. Go to:

and follow the links...

The meeting on Sunday, for computer programming related to sign not just for SignWriting, but includes posters and
presentations on any software development related to sign languages in
general...So there are also papers presented that use HamNoSys,
SignStream, and several other systems besides SignWriting...All of them
are important ;-)

Thank you, Oliver and Antonio Carlos, for arranging that the
proceedings will be documented in a PDF file after the workshop is
over...That is great news!

Please send my best wishes to Thomas Hanke, and everyone who is
attending. Rich Gleaves is leaving tomorrow for Lisbon, I believe -

Val ;-)
Sutton at


Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa wrote:
> Greetings from the Lisbon conference!
> I'm now attending the pre-conference workshops. The one on sign
> language representation and processing will be a post-conference
> workshop, next Sunday. The conference itself runs from Tuesday to
> Friday.I've already met Oliver Streiter. We are very happy with the
> proceedings of the workshop. It's very representative of the work going
> on in SL representation and processing. Hope we can make the PDF file
> with the whole set of articles officially available after the workshop.
> I've also met Thomas Hanke, who will give a talk about HamNoSys. He is
> also happy to participate in the workshop.
> I don't have a digital camera with me here, but sure somebody will have
> one, and pictures will be taken.
> I'm looking forward for Friday, when people will start arriving!
> Reporting from the Lisbon conference, :-)

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