Deaf children in poverty in Nicaragua

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed May 26 17:21:58 UTC 2004

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May 26, 2004

So people are hungry in Nicaragua, and your Deaf students would starve,
if you did not feed them?...Where is our world? We are so caught up
with our own problems, that people around the world go hungry...and it
doesn't have to be that way.

Thank you, James, for all you are doing for your Deaf students...You
are putting your priorities in the right place...What choice do you

If anyone would like to donate to the non-profit organization that
feeds and educates Deaf children in Nicaragua, write to:

Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc.
James Shepard-Kegl, Coordinator
52 Whitney Farms Road
North Yarmouth, Maine, 04097, USA
(207) 846-8801 voice or tty
(207) 846-8688 fax
Email: kegl at

or read more about it on our web site:

Thank you for sharing with us, James!

Val ;-)


James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. wrote:
> My next step is to conduct a more formal research study aimed at
> comparing
> the progress of the Bluefields students with that of other Deaf
> students
> (and former students) in Nicaragua.  All this takes money of which,
> alas, we
> have essentially none.  The educational system in Nicaragua in general
> has
> collapsed: 26% of Nicaraguan children never set foot in a classroom;
> 50% of
> the teenagers in Bluefields cannot go to school.  The newspapers
> reported
> just two days ago that many families with Deaf children in the Managua
> public schools can no longer pay the monthly fees and bus charges.
> (It is a
> wonder they still call it "public" school.)  In our case in
> Bluefields, much
> of our funding is directed toward the foster care and shelter
> programs, or
> some of our students would starve.

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