[sw-l] Please translate into sign writing...

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Wed Nov 3 16:06:36 UTC 2004


The "Manifesto of Prague" see http://lingvo.org/2/3
has been translated into MANY languages, but not one
single sign language.  This page is widely advertized
by Esperanto speakers and Esperanto speakers have
links with the United Nations and the European

I just read a call for more translations!  Please help
raise the prestige of sign languages and sign writing
by translating your language version of
http://lingvo.org/2/3 (the English version is
http://lingvo.org/en/2/3) into sign language using
sign writing.

I will then try to get the sign writing translations
accepted by the Esperanto community, and I have no
doubt they will accept them because the community
highly esteems language diversity.



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