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Untitled DocumentHello Valerie,
I did see a man talking ,but could not hear him as I do not have sound on my computer, so I guess I have to look into that. It is terrific, saw some beautiful scenery as well. 
Also the lessons you sent the other day "Learn to read ASL in Sign Writing" is just great. I was able to forward it to the students on their computers who are taking signing lessons through L.I.F.E.
As you may remember L.I.F.E. is a volunteer organization, We do not receive any salary for our work as teachers. But we love to share our knowledge to whom ever is interested.
Thanks Valerie,
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       SignWriting List,

        Dear SW List: This is a new technology that makes it possbile to embed a video in an email message. For those who cannot view it in the email, they can click on a link in the email message to view the video on the web...So it is supposed to work for both Macintosh and Windows and also for older computers too, just as long as you have access to the web...I am testing this. Can you see any video in your email message? Or click on the link and then tell me what you experienced...One of these days we will have video sign language and SignWriting lessons directly through email without any video conferencing equipment...Val ;-)


        Valerie Sutton 

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