[sw-l] Video in our Email

Sat Nov 6 20:07:35 UTC 2004

I could not see or hear a thing when I viewed this email at school
yesterday. (I think that it is because my school doesn't have anything
to support whatever it is that Video X 30 uses to display. My school is
cheap on computers. HA!) But when I viewed it just now at home, I was
able to view it via the link.


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  <http://movies.vx30.com/jk71/forwardvmail.php?id=106> Play!
SignWriting List,
Dear SW List: This is a new technology that makes it possbile to embed a
video in an email message. For those who cannot view it in the email,
they can click on a link in the email message to view the video on the
web...So it is supposed to work for both Macintosh and Windows and also
for older computers too, just as long as you have access to the web...I
am testing this. Can you see any video in your email message? Or click
on the link and then tell me what you experienced...One of these days we
will have video sign language and SignWriting lessons directly through
email without any video conferencing equipment...Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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