AW: AW: [sw-l] TRANSCRIBE POEM: One Harbor in ASL

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Nov 7 14:52:38 UTC 2004

Hi Valerie -

thanks for the stills - much better to identify -
wow - thinking back to our Japanese bible project I am happy to participate
in this new project -

There is definitely a difference if somebody transcribes a SL - video into
SW if he is familiar with that given SL. It is much more like
movement-writing  if you are not informed about the "pure lexical entry"
But we all can learn from this... L.I.F.E.

I do not remember - Would it be helpful to have a special procedure - like -
people who are interested to participate should offer their suggestions how
to transcribe the "stills"
within a given time (a week ?) - and afterwards there is a discussion - and
just your presentation of your spelling ? should we present our suggestions
in a specific format? (jpg, png)

This way everybody gets the chance to do the first transcription on his own
... not influenced by the perception of others - it is always interesting to
see many different variations - some may include too many details, some may
ask for a second try, but there will be often several options - and in the
end people may vote for this or that variation just because of personal

What do you think - Perhaps we can try to find out - who from the list is
interested - just as we did the last time - some time ago (smile)

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
November 7, 2004

Dear SW List, and Stefan!
I have now created still photos of the first section of the poem ONE
HARBOR. To view the frame by frame sequencing, go to:

Still Photo Frames, One Harbor Video Clip 01

I will start writing it now in SignWriting....Val ;-)

here is a sample, although the quality is better on the web...

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