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November 7, 2004

Hello Everyone, and Stefan...
Of course I agree with you. You know me. I am split into 12 projects
all the time! And I do not want to unduly influence anyone's writing,
either, so I would be more than happy to do as you suggest below,
Stefan. But here is the difference between the last time...Last time
Mark Penner was kind to send us videotapes in the postal mail, and
then, if I remember right, Mark did not send you a PAL version and you
had to get the NTSC format from Japan to work on your PAL video machine
in Germany.... This time I want to conquer the video-on-the-internet
problems, so that in the future the video part of the job will be easy
for all of us...If we can conquer that, we can move forward with
writing signs quickly and easily. I am so impressed with the Flemish
dictionary online because they have done such a great job with the
video and I will ask them for their advice...

So why not this schedule?....

1. I create and post the Still Photos frame by frame of the entire poem
2. I post the English gloss as a title under each frame, to give you a
general reference...
3. I post the poem in English (the original)
4. I post the full QuickTime poem, in case someone wants to see the
whole poem signed in real time (large file)

Then you can be the director of the project after that, Stefan!...a few
of us can write our way, and later share...

Once I get the web site up, I can go on to other projects, like
finishing the

And it is my hope that with good video communication on the internet,
this can become a regular, ongoing project...not just this video, but
videos in German Sign Language and other signed languages

And yes of course this is like Movement Writing to anyone who does not
know ASL...that is always true when writing a foreign signed
language...And Kevin was not signing to a general audience, but to Deaf
people native to ASL, and that also is close to being a foreign signed
language for many signing people here in the US too...So transcribing a
foreign signed language is a wonderful, but different

So I will not write it now, but just get the complete poem up frame by
frame, which is no small job actually!

Val ;-)


Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> thanks for the stills - much better to identify -
> wow - thinking back to our Japanese bible project I am happy to
> participate
> in this new project -
> There is definitely a difference if somebody transcribes a SL - video
> into
> SW if he is familiar with that given SL. It is much more like
> movement-writing  if you are not informed about the "pure lexical
> entry"
> But we all can learn from this... L.I.F.E.
> I do not remember - Would it be helpful to have a special procedure -
> like -
> people who are interested to participate should offer their
> suggestions how
> to transcribe the "stills"
> within a given time (a week ?) - and afterwards there is a discussion
> - and
> just your presentation of your spelling ? should we present our
> suggestions
> in a specific format? (jpg, png)
> This way everybody gets the chance to do the first transcription on
> his own
> ... not influenced by the perception of others - it is always
> interesting to
> see many different variations - some may include too many details,
> some may
> ask for a second try, but there will be often several options - and in
> the
> end people may vote for this or that variation just because of personal
> preferences.
> What do you think - Perhaps we can try to find out - who from the list
> is
> interested - just as we did the last time - some time ago (smile)
> Stefan ;-))
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> November 7, 2004
> Dear SW List, and Stefan!
> I have now created still photos of the first section of the poem ONE
> HARBOR. To view the frame by frame sequencing, go to:
> Still Photo Frames, One Harbor Video Clip 01
> I will start writing it now in SignWriting....Val ;-)
> here is a sample, although the quality is better on the web...
> <wolke_sw.jpg>

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