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November 8, 2004

Hello Everyone, and Stefan -
Thanks for this feedback. It is good to know you like the big photos.
Although I have been working pretty long hours these days, when it
comes to making those large photos, I cannot take credit. The programs
called iMovie and iPhoto, on the Macintosh, are just amazing. Those
large photos were produced automatically by the iPhoto program...This
is how I did all this:

1. Kevin's signing was on a High-8 tape. I connected a High-8 player to
my Mac.
2. Then I played the High-8 video inside the iMovie program, viewing it
on my computer screen. I captured the part I wanted, creating the
QuickTime movie.
3. Then in QuickTime, you can export the movie to frames, or still
photos of the whole movie.
4. This gave me a lot of pictures..too many frames. So I had to throw
out the frames I didn't need, but it gave me the photos i needed.
5. Then I loaded the photos into the iPhoto program, and cropped them,
and named them, and gave them each a caption.
6. Then I exported from iPhoto into a web design format that
automatically gave me the smaller and larger sizes of each photo.

Even with all this wonderful software, it still took a long time - ha!!

I finally learned how to save the QuickTime movies in three
sizes..small, medium and large...the larger the size, the better the

So now, let's try to post our writing of the first section of the video
this weekend...Do you have time for this? If not, we can wait...I am
juggling several projects simultaneously myself...

Anyone else want to try to write the signs in the pictures? I hope so!
Go to:

Val ;-)


On Nov 8, 2004, at 1:43 PM, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie,
> great job - I was surprised when I found by accident that I could
> enlarge
> every single photo -
> so this way it is much better to understand that we will get in
> trouble to
> make our decision - what do  I see? Flat hand - five fingers hand -
>  D-Hand - Index - hand ...
> Wow - I am really curious -  where will be in a couple of weeks?  ... ?
> Anyway - you are doing a great job - and after such a short time all
> these
> internet presentations ... amazing ... congrats
> Stefan ;-)
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> November 8, 2004
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