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Lourdes Tollette ltollette at TIR.COM
Fri Nov 12 16:44:23 UTC 2004

I just put signwrite "miss" in SignPuddle but I am not sure it was right way.. Valerie, Can you check on the SignPuddle. It been long time. I am tring to remember.


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SignWriting List
November 12, 2004

Lourdes Tollette wrote:
> I understand little bit how to work with Signbank software.  One
> qestion, I am triing to make signwrite "miss".
> Like not see each other for a long time:  "I miss you".  I found "I"
> and "you" but I cant find "miss" from the software and ur signwriting
> dictionary on ur web site.

Dear SW List, and Lourdes!
Thanks for this response, Lourdes...

Try SignPuddle on the web...Have you seen that? Go to:

Sign Dictionary on the Web

That is the ASL dictionary on the web. Click on Search Dictionary.
There is a big list of signs.

I just looked and I could not find the sign you were looking for...The
sign for MISS YOU is not there. So...that means you could write it
yourself on the web ...

Click on the SignMaker icon on the left and try to make the sign
yourself...you can drag a symbol over to a box with your mouse...Try
that....see diagram attached:

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